Looking Great

Men & Boys Clothing

Being the best began with looking your best.  Kim McKinnie and her business partner Faye have established a clothing store for men in the Greater Sylvania Heights community.  They have position themselves to be a positive influence to those looking for an image adjustment with their outer appearance.   Women accessories are also provide to create a foundation of all gender types.  If you are looking for formal-wear, Exclusive Gentlemen also has Tuxedo rentals and sales.  Stop in and improve you dress appearance.

Looking Successful

Your Image

Looking successful is necessary to be successful; a successful image leads to increased sales. On first meeting or viewing, people tend to take other people at face value and figure that what they see is what they’ll get.  Details matter when it comes to your business image. Your potential customers will see and observe not just you, but your vehicle, your equipment, and your surroundings, and note their condition. What is detracting from your business image and repelling your potential customers?  Don’t let it be the clothes you are wearing.

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Dress for success

Men Clothing by Wearing Success